The kitchen; it quite often acts as the central heart of the home, where family meet to chat, hang out and of course eat. So we’re going to explore a trend that is growing in popularity, which adds to the idea of “open-plan living” we see in most contemporary homes. A pantry is often an […]


2018 is nearly over, and we can’t quite believe just how fast this year has flown by us! We’ve met and designed dream homes along a collection of beautiful local families, and had the pleasure of seeing their faces when they receive the keys. We’ve worked alongside suppliers and contractors that have assisted in raising […]


It’s nearly the end of November, and that can only mean two things… One. Christmas is almost here (yes, already!). And two, it’s almost school holiday time, and not just any old school holidays, but the six-week-long holidays that see your home turned upside down by kids and teenagers desperately seeking something to cure their […]


If you read our blog or follow our social media, or perhaps even read our email newsletter, then you’ll be familiar with the organisations that we quite often receive awards through; HIA and MBA. But what you may not be aware of is that both provide our business with far more than recognition and acknowledgement […]


Spring has sprung, and after a cold and bitter winter, we can finally say summer is well on it’s way! And we’re guessing that somewhere in the middle of July you found yourself saying something along the lines of, “I’m never going to take the warmer weather for granted again!” Are we right? Well now […]


The results of a good (or terrible!) plastering job will be evident throughout your home for years. It’s a messy and hard job, but a crucial one in ensuring the interior of your home is finished in a smooth and complete way.   PLASTERERS – WHAT DO THEY DO? So why do builders plaster walls […]


Running an environmentally friendly operation, and handing over the keys to energy efficient homes has always been a key mission of ours at PAH, so we are proud and happy to announce that we are now an accredited HIA GreenSmart Builder! WHAT IS GREENSMART? What does this title mean for our projects and your future […]


A design element we’re noticing becoming more and more prevalent in the construction world, as well as in the design requests of our clients, is split or bi/tri-level homes. Basically, a split-level home incorporates two or three short flights of stairs, creating between two and four separate levels throughout the home, with the exact number […]


Chosen for their sleek aesthetic and easy maintenance, induction cooktops are becoming more and more popular in our new homes builds. Their frame and edgeless design means they are easy to clean, flame-free use reduces the risk of accidental fires associated with open flames, and instant response to changes in settings make them a kitchen […]


A window may seem like a fairly simple addition to a home; a pane of glass stuck in an appropriately cut hole in the wall. Simple right? But when it comes to making the final design decisions on your new home, you may be faced with an onslaught of window choices, that will each provide […]