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How often do you stop and think about the water that flows from your taps? Into your sink, bath, shower, washing machine, and drink bottles? Most likely, you’ll fall into one of two categories; you’ll only drink bottled water OR insist on filtering it yourself, through an internal filtration system, or you aren’t too fussed […]

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Last time we looked at the beginning stages of construction, and how a house starts to take shape from a concrete slab, to the shell of what will be your dream home. This week we’re finishing off the build; delving into the final three stages of the construction process, leading up to that all-important and […]

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Ever wondered how it is your new house can be transformed from an open and empty lot, to a completed, fully-functional home in a matter of months? We’re here to walk you through the steps the PAH team take to get you there; and along the way, share a few interesting facts and tricks of […]

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2018 has arrived, and this week we’re diving head on in to the style trends that are expected to takeover inside the home this year. Let your mind wander as you read on, and dream a little, imagining where you could implement some of these bold and audacious trends in your new or existing family […]

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There’s no denying that timber is a popular material of choice to feature in new homes, but it doesn’t always come in the form we think; floor boards, feature walls or exposed beams… In this article we’re looking at parquetry flooring, and why we think the style trend is on its way back in!   […]


We’ve got smart phones, smart TVs, smart cars… But what about smart homes? Thanks to the innovative range of Clipsal home systems, we’re already building smart homes for families throughout Wagga! From smarter, more efficient lighting design and optimized climate control, to curtains that open at the push of a button, TVs that turn on […]

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For those of you who know us, you’ll know we aren’t the kind of people to toot our own horns. HOWEVER… We have reason to do so this week. This week, our blog is about team appreciation! Recently, our amazing team took out a massive four awards at the 2017 HIA Brunslea Park Riverina Housing […]


For more than 50 years, Colorbond Steel has been providing Australian made, low-maintenance and energy efficient roofing, wall cladding, fencing, shed and water tank options for Australian families. In this time, it has also become known as one of most trusted and recognisable brand for home owners and tradies alike, and this week, we’re taking […]

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The bitter-chill of the winter months has finally passed us – HOORAY! Now that the days are getting warmer and longer, it’s the perfect time to get all of those jobs sorted around your home, and get it in top shape for the impending summer months of entertaining, and relaxing. We’ve compiled a short list […]

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Concrete or concrete-look walls inside and out is no new trend in Aussie home design, though it is one that seems to be sticking around in building circles. And it is no wonder; when one material provides such style, simplicity, sophistication and contemporary aesthetics. Concrete can be teamed with natural looks like timber and marble, […]