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When it comes to selecting design elements for your new home, you may think the extent of it is colour schemes, tiles, carpet, and maybe a feature wall or two. But in actual fact there are so many elements of design that come into building a new home, and our team like to involve you […]

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If you are a Wagga resident, then we’re sure over the past 18 months you’ve heard the name ‘Mia Stewart’ around town. This brave little girl was diagnosed with CFD (Congenital Femoral Deficiency) before she even made it earth-side; her case is so severe that it is a 1 in 500,000-1,000,000 occurrence.   In January […]


Though it originated in one of the most upmarket areas of Long Island, New York, the Hamptons Style is becoming an increasingly popular style in Australian home design and construction. The style itself combines warmth and elegance with sophisticated design, borrowing from the design elements used in some of the world’s most beautiful seaside homes. […]


We’re not sure whether it’s the smell of the wood, the soft crackling sound, or the lovely heat they radiate, but there is something extremely romantic about an open fireplace in a home. Unfortunately, there’s also something dirty, time-consuming and physically taxing about keeping one going all winter – not to mention it requires constant […]


It’s always a horrific moment when you see that winter electricity bill pop up in your email inbox or mailbox, and as we’re preparing to get right into the thick of the cooler temperatures now, you might be already considering how you can lower those bills for the winter. This week, we’re going to share […]

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When we’re on the job site, you may think it’s just our team out there toiling away. But in the set-up, even before we get to work, there are a handful of local businesses we rely on to ensure every build gets off to a smooth start. These include sign makers, fencing companies, earthmovers, crane […]

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Google the term ‘drop zone’ and you won’t immediately be presented with lovely organised homes; in fact what you’ll likely get is a list of search results regarding where a parachutist may land. But the drop zone, or ‘mud room’ as they are often also known as, that we’re referring to is an area at […]


We’re jumping back into our Supplier Spotlight Series, starting off with those who make sure the floors in our new homes, both inside and out, look sensational. We’ve got a select group of tilers, floor sanders and landscapers that we rely on to add those finishing touches to your new home, so let’s meet them! […]

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How often do you stop and think about the water that flows from your taps? Into your sink, bath, shower, washing machine, and drink bottles? Most likely, you’ll fall into one of two categories; you’ll only drink bottled water OR insist on filtering it yourself, through an internal filtration system, or you aren’t too fussed […]

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Last time we looked at the beginning stages of construction, and how a house starts to take shape from a concrete slab, to the shell of what will be your dream home. This week we’re finishing off the build; delving into the final three stages of the construction process, leading up to that all-important and […]